Citrus Varieties:

Growing with a passion – for more than 100 years our family has been propagating fruit trees. We strive to achieve the best quality and use virus tested propagation (seed & budwood) material from Auscitrus.

A patch of Washington Navel orange trees.

A patch of Washington Navel orange trees.

Our citrus are at least 2.5 years old. They are in a 5 litre bag and are staked with a 90cm bamboo cane. Every plant is labelled; the main varieties with a jumbo label, the others with a floratag label. The size of the tree is about 1-1.2metres.


Eureka, Lisbon, Meyer, Lemonade,


Washington Navel, Seedless Valencia, Cara Cara Blood Navel, Lane Late Navel, Tarocco Blood Orange, Navelina,


Honey Murcott, Affourer, Ellendale, Emperor, Hickson, Imperial, Clementine Nules, Seedless Satsuma Silverhill,


Tahiti Lime, Kaffir Lime,

Finger Limes:

Finger Lime Green & Pink,

Tangelo & Grapefruit:

Tangelo Semiola and Grapefruit Rio Red & Marsh,


Nagami (oval), Meiwa (round), Calamondin.

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